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PM Modi: India now world’s sixth largest economy

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi (Photo: ANI)


  • India’s status in the world had increased significantly since 2014: Modi
  • He said earlier India was counted among fragile five economies.
  • India is a multi-trillion dollar destination: Modi

India is celebrating its 72nd Independence Day and positivity and confidence in the country has helped its economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday. PM Modi said India’s status in the world had increased significantly since 2014 when a BJP-led NDA came to power “because we have an acumen to take bold decisions” and that has helped the country become world’s sixth largest economy.

Focusing on economy, the Prime Minister said, institutions and economic scientists across the world used to refer India as a fragile economy but today the same institutions and the same individuals are saying with confidence that reforms have given India a new momentum and strong fundamentals”.

Modi said the country was earlier counted among the fragile five economies in the world. “But today India is considered a multi-trillion dollar destination” for investment.

“They say the sleeping giant has woken up and started walking. For the next three decades, India is going to guide and speed up the world economy.”

This was the Prime Minister Modi’s fifth and the last Independence Day speech before the general elections next year.

“India has registered its name as the sixth largest economy in the world. It has created positivity. We are celebrating the festival of freedom in such a positive atmosphere,” Modi said.

“The country is brimming with self-confidence and is regularly crossing new heights.”

“The session was devoted to social justice. The session witnessed the passage of the bill to create an OBC Commission. Dalits, women and other weaker sections of the society have been empowered,” he said.

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