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Apple Announces TV+, Arcade Game Streaming, New News+ app And Updates to Apple Pay With Apple Card

The News+ app will also include premium web subscriptions such as TheSkimm, LA Times and Wall Street Journal, to name a few. Apart from news curations, the News+ app now has digital magazines with special visual content as well as subscriptions to digital content from online sources. In terms of security, Apple confirms that it does not allow digital advertisers to track you at all. This service is priced at $9.99 per month, and this includes all magazines and news services. This price includes family sharing as well, with complete customisation for each member of your family.

The News+ app is rolling out with the newest iOS and macOS updates.Apple News+ is an evolution of the Apple News service. While it will continue to curate news from online sources around the world, with intelligence personalisation based on individual reading preferences, there is now the added dimension of magazines that you can read on News+ app. There will be 300 magazines across multiple genres. This was to be expected, considering Apple had acquired a magazine subscription app called Texture more than a year ago.

When Apple says “Its show time” at the Special Event which starts at 10:30pm IST, this could very well be the premiere of a new story for Apple. The services story.

What is expected at the keynote today is the announcement of the much awaited video streaming service from Apple. Will it be a rival for Netflix or Amazon Video, or will this be an effective aggregator of multiple streaming service subscriptions, with Apple’s own Original content added on for good measure? Will we also see a news subscription service, or a game streaming app too?

Just last week, Apple got all the hardware updates and refreshes out of the way. The iPad Mini, the new iPad Air, the updates to the iMac line-up as well as the second generation AirPods, all done and dusted.

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